Tianmen Mountain Grand Prix Finals 2013 - October, 13

Chris “Douggs” Mcdougall

Profession: Professional parachutist, author, motivational speaker, carpenter

Years in Sport: 16

Number of Jumps: 9500+

Wingsuit Jumps: 1500+


Parachuting Awards and Achievements:

6-time Australian national skydiving champion, 2-time BASE world champion, World Pro BASE Overall Champion.

Author of “Confessions of an Idiot,” four other books and several dozen magazine and online articles and blogs.

Filmed and/or appeared in dozens of films, documentaries, commercials, demonstration jumps and live events.


Accidents and injuries:






Smile and survive.


Why I fly wingsuits:

Flying down mountains brings me peace and happiness and makes every day I do it more awesome than the last.


Why I’m competing in the WWL:

The land and the people were so inspiring, and the wingsuit flights were so amazing that I had to come back for more!


Message to my fans:

Thanks for supporting us and enjoying what we do as muc as we do. I hope we can inspire you to get out there and do exciting things yourselves.


Personal philosophy:

Enjoy every day because you never know what lies around the corner. Appreciate everything and don’t stress out about things that have no relevance to actual happiness.  Be true to yourself and have the best time ever. Smile, smile, smile and always remember: Life is not a trial run; it’s the real thing!

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